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Centennial Garden Club Welcomes You

We promote charitable, educational and conservational purposes.

Since 1976, Centennial Garden Club has been proud to serve the Prince William County, Virginia community. We are committed to conserving natural resources and promoting education so that we may become caretakers of our beautiful planet. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

Green Garden

 Inspiring Backyard Gardens 

2023 - 2024 Theme


Manassas Central Library

Our theme this year is to draw attention to the many beautiful and wonderous natural resources that the county of Prince William, VA has to offer and to support the conservation of these resources.

We do so through gardening activities, club contributions to environmental organizations, flower shows and educational classes...just to name a few. 

Our love of nature and community spark our enthuasism to protect and beautify our homes, town, county, state, country and ultimately the world.

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Plant America

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We are happy to welcome new members throughout the year.

*  Membership is limited to 35 members.

*  A prospective member is eligible for membership after attending two general meetings in a calendar year.

*  You become a voting member after submitting a membership form and paying dues within 30 days.

*  Members agree to participate in at least one program and provide refreshments for one general meeting each fiscal year. 



Welcome to our member page!
We are delighted that you are a part of Centennial Garden Club!
You are valued, cherished and appreciated!

Year Book

Our award winning yearbook is published annualy and is available to members throughout the year.
This is a valuable resource for all things Centennial GC...from our Conservation Pledge, bylaws, history to useful gardening sites and events!


Dues are $20.00 annually if you pay by cash or check.  Send monies to our treasurer.
Dues are $22.00 annually if you pay online via our Square site (extra $2.00 is to cover the charge that Square charges us to use this convienent payment method.).


We sell Centennial shirts, aprons and tote bags embroidered with our beautiful African Violet emblem.  Click the button below to view and access purchase options (go to Square site below, then go to search and type tshirts).

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By clicking on the link below you will access national, state and local websites that can take you into an expanded world of
gardening news, resources and plants! 
Enjoy looking through this valuable information and who knows?  We may see you at an exciting event soon!

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